Yamaha ats 2090 Review

Yamaha is a Japanese-origin multinational company making waves since its inception in 1887. Founded by Torakusu Yamaha, the corporation has always aimed to manufacture products of pristine quality that are accessible and durable at the same time. 

Yamaha understands and functions according to the requirements of the ever-evolving needs of buyers and caters to them accordingly, the sole reason why this company is ranked the best of its kind even today.

The firm has deeply penetrated the music industry by offering A1 quality musical instruments- pianos, drums, guitars.

Not only that, the organization’s inexplicable services and products in the automobile, entertainment, factory, and golf industries cannot be ignored since the demand for these products is only increasing one day after another.

One such miracle manufactured by Yamaha is the Yamaha ats 2090 soundbar. With built-in Alexa voice control and 3D surround sound, the 2090 soundbar gives you the sound equivalent of whatever you see, enhanced by manifolds. 

Detailed Product Description 

All the gamers, movie freaks, and sports enthusiasts, get ready to experience audio like never before with the Yamaha ats 2090 soundbar.

With Alexa at your service and a wireless subwoofer, this product has been designed to make the user experience effortless and immersive audio quality. 

From automatic updates when connected to the internet to being easily navigated via both android and iPhone, the product has been a life-changer for the people who love to hear audios in loud and heavy bass. 

The HDMI and USB connection, along with remote control availability, further simplifies the utilization of this product and makes it consumer-friendly. In addition, Bluetooth with a communication range of 33ft. (without obstructions) 

The best part? You can keep the soundbar in check by installing the Soundbar Controller App, which is entirely free. Another plus point of the sound is that you can either keep the soundbar on a flat surface or just mount it on the wall using brackets.  

To provide a bias-free and crystal clear picture of Yamaha ats 2090 will be a good purchase; keep reading to know more about the product.   

Why Should I Choose Yamaha ats 2090?

Here are some features that make the Yamaha ats 2090 worth your money.

In-Built Alexa Voice Controller 

The Alexa feature in the Yamaha soundbar makes it a winner. The integrated assistant can do anything you command it to; just speak away.

The Alexa assistant helps you to control the soundbar functions as well as your other smart devices. Your favorite music is just a dialogue away; just mention the artist or song and viola! Alexa plays it for you.

3D Surround Sound 

The DTX Virtual:X offered by the Yamaha Soundbar brings you an enthralling experience, wherein you are engulfed by sound. Thus, you encounter a three-dimensional audio space in which you can hear sound from everywhere around you.

Moreover, the product makes your room theatre ready for a movie mania with friends and family.

Wireless Subwoofer 

Bass lovers, the wireless subwoofer is for you. It enriches the sound quality and makes sure that you do not get entangled in the endless wiring. The Yamaha ats 2090 provides a wireless subwoofer with simple installation to keep users at ease.

It can be placed anywhere in the room since no wires are attached. Hence, it enhances the product’s portability and prevents tripping over cables. 

Easy Setup and Usage 

Not much energy and logic go into setting up the Yamaha ats 2090, making it friendly-consumer and easy to install. In addition, the functions and controls are uncomplicated and easy to understand to prevent chaos and confusion. 

Varied Connectivity Options

Now, you can tune in your favorite melodies from Spotify or Amazon Music, thanks to the Yamaha ats 2090 soundbar. Besides this, the product supports listening to music from your PCs and smart devices or any other pair devices via Bluetooth or simply stream audio.

Sound Clarity 

Say goodbye to undecipherable murmurs. With the Yamaha ats 2090, you can hear anything and everything. Cristiano Ronaldo’s foot-kicking the football, MS Dhoni’s helicopter shot, Chandler’s iconic jokes will now sound so much better than they used to before the Yamaha soundbar.


The sleek and stylish display of the soundbar can enhance the interior of any place. Whether placed in the room or the lobby, the product is perfect to match with every interior and will brighten up the space. 

Why You Shouldn’t Bring Yamaha ats the 2090 Home

Alexa isn’t Too Helpful. 

Though the Alexa built-in provides various options, it lacks speaker-specific knowledge. When asked to function according to some soundbar-specific need, the assistant does not respond in the desired way, and sometimes it acts as a huge bummer for the consumer.

Absence of a Central Channel

The unavailability of a central channel causes audio leakage since it is not streamlined, which compromises the audio quality. No doubt, the dialogue clarity is intact, but the sound is not as refined as expected.

Faulty Bluetooth connectivity 

The Bluetooth pairing requires some better assistance. It is not as good as it sounds. In some pieces, the device loses connectivity within a few feet of the paired device. This is a huge letdown.

Therefore, if you are happy with your TV’s sound quality, you need not want to spend on the Yamaha ats 2090 soundbar.


The Yamaha ats 2090 is ideal for you if you wish to make more of your space, i.e., transform it into a movie hall, a video gamers’ paradise, or a fitness studio.

On the other hand, if you want to keep the audio to yourself and do not attend to the idea of sound enveloping you, this soundbar may not be the one for you. Whether the soundbar is your cup of tea will ultimately depend on the user’s vitality and application.


Is Yamaha ats 2090 same as yas 209?

Yes, Yamaha itself has declared that the two models are similar.

How many watts are consumed by the Yamaha ats 2090?

The central unit consumes 25 W power while the subwoofer works on a 20 W power.