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We all wish to escape reality for a while and weave imaginative stories, Isn’t it? DnD does just that. Featured in Critical Role and The Adventure Zone, Dragons and Dungeons are among the most incredible fantasy games you will ever find. 

A perfect mix of action-packed fighting, exploring, and role-playing, DnD might also become your daily dose of fictional scenario creation.

The detail in which the whole world of Dungeons and Dragons is created is just unbelievable. 

The Dungeon master can narrate and mold the story and take it through unimaginable twists, you get to possess character sheets, which you fill to highlight the strengths, race, background, and abilities of your character, and almost every event in the game boils down to a number on the dice, which determines whether you succeeded in your actions or not. 

What is DnD 5e?

DnD 5e is short for Dragons and Dungeons 5th edition, which is by far the most popular and appreciated of the entire D&D editions. 

This tabletop game comes with a handbook too, which you can either purchase as a physical copy from Amazon or views online, which enlists all the information on game rules and allows you to decide which character you will be best suited for you to play. 

Originally designed by Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson, it was first published in 1974 by Tactical Studies Rules, Inc. Soon after that, it was published by Wizards of the Coast in 1997. The Wizard of The Coast made available a free basic rules guide PDF online since the launch of DnD 5e.

What makes DnD 5e So Awesome?

The fascinating fact about DnD 5e is straightforward to learn and grasp. Remember that the parameters and rules of the game are uncomplicated and straightforward, which makes it beginner-friendly.

Also, since it has a huge fan base, it helps to create a connected community and fulfils the primary purpose of a role-playing game-interaction

Moreover, DnD 5e is like the smoothest ride for a Dungeon master because of its simplicity.

The handbooks needed for the game are very economical and available on several noticeable platforms. The diversity and accessibility of DnD 5e make playing the game an enthralling adventure. 

How To Get Started?

To start the play, one must fulfill specific game requirements:-

The player’s handbook

The rule book is available online and in toy stores at a very affordable price. It will serve as the best guide for everything you want to know about this fantastic game since it is the core rule book.

Starter Set

The starter set is a very inexpensive box that includes a primary rules copy but nothing related to character creation. Instead, you get four already created characters, making newbies enter the game smoothly since creating your fictional character can be pretty challenging for a novice. 

The starter set includes the following elements:-

A set of Dice 

A set of variously shaped Dice comes in the starter set. Different dice have different roles in the game. Common dice you get to play with are d20,d12s,d10s,d14s,d6s and d4s.

The Lost Mine of Phandelver

A pre-established storyline can be used on how to go about the game. The storyline lasts up to many sessions, having five levels.

Some optional books

Monster manual, dungeon master’s guide, and adventure books are some of the most reliable handbooks real players use to understand the game. 

Game Procedure

Anyone can master dnd if they follow these three steps: 

The setup 

Commencing with an explanation of the surroundings, the Dungeon master constructs a temporary structure of the tale the contestants can carry forward.

The decision

Being one of the important events of the game, the decision should be made on how the character carries out the storyline—for instance, reacting to a particular situation with the enlisted skills in the character sheet. Some characters may have night vision, poison immunity, and other strengths which make their moves enjoyable. 


The result is the time of judgment on whether you succeeded or failed to conquer the adversary. It would be great to roll the Dice to know whether you emerged out victorious, crashed, or somewhere in between. 

For instance, the number you get on the Dice you roll will determine whether you were able to slash the monster with a sword or went past the ogre undetected, or your fate turned out the other way round.

Following this simple procedure can take you far in the game. As you encounter various adventures, you will learn and adapt to the game with zero difficulties. 

In-Game Characters

In-game dungeons and dragons, the following roles are essayed by numerous players:-

Dungeon Master

A Dungeon Master is the narrator of the tale and serves as the eyes of the other players, serving as a guide to them. In the words of Gary Gygax, the co-designer of DnD, “The secret we should not let the game masters know is that they don’t need any rules.”

Nevertheless, some DMs refer to a Dungeon Master’s guide though it’s completely optional. 


DnD offers many classes with some traits native to their kind. Dwarfs, Dragonborns, Elves, Gnomes, and Humans are 5 of the nine racial classes included in the player’s handbook. Elves have special abilities like night vision, a life span of 750 years and are immune to sleep.


Close to 130 monsters have been created in this magic of a game. The monster manual gives detailed instructions about these bad guys and how to eliminate them. Monsters ranging from dragons to basilisks to giants have come to life to stop you on your quest to heroism.                                     


Can DnD be played online? 

Yes, DnD can be played virtually using video chat apps like Google hangouts and discord, connected by webcams to make the experience more authentic. Virtual maps and boards of DnD are also available to download online, which you can present in the meeting and play DnD virtually.