Smart home devices have become an essential part of our daily lives as we try to keep our homes safe, and cozy, and make things easier. Thanks to technology our safety and security can be harnessed just by one tap of a button, or a task done just by a simple command on a machine.

The type of smart home device you decide to use will depend on your needs, preference, and the level of comfort you want in your home. If you are wondering where to start with these gadgets, here are some of the best devices and their uses.

Uses of Best Smart Home Device

Different smart home devices have different purposes. Some are used for automation like adjusting temperatures or closing windows, while others are used for improving appliance functionality like your home theatre effectively and effortlessly managing your entertainment collection (movies and music) to entertain your guests.

Here are the 10 best smart home devices and their uses;

Best Smart Thermostat Uses

A smart thermostat is a technological gadget that allows you to program it based on your daily heating and cooling needs, and daily weather conditions and schedules. You set it to automatically adjust temperatures so you don’t have to do it manually.

You can go for the Amazon Smart Thermostat or the Nest Learning Thermostat depending on the quality and features you want as well as your budget. You may also have a specific brand in mind that you want to try out.

Benefits of Smart Thermostat

  • Some models can automatically rise or drop temperatures as convenient, even when you are not home.
  • If not automatically, you can control it remotely from anywhere you are, as long as you have an internet connection
  • Save your energy bills by regulating temperatures appropriately
  • A smart thermostat provides reports that you can use to track your energy use
  • Compatibility with the other smart appliances in your home makes management easy. For example, linking and controlling your smart air purifiers with your smart thermostat
  • Some models are compatible with voice command technology which makes it easier to manage and control your thermostat

Best Smart Lock Uses

Smart locks are technological locks that lock and unlock just by simple voice commands or a tap of a button. They are usually internet enabled or connected to Bluetooth. They also come with an app that enables you to link your phone with your smart lock.

One of the coolest things about smart locks is that some of them allow remote control. This means you can unlock a door even when you are not at home and have your guest wait for you inside.

Benefits of Smart Locks

  • Smart lock’s remote control feature is one of the advantages of using smart locks. All you need to do is download an app, link your smart lock, and you can control entry and exit from anywhere
  • Wi-Fi connectivity allows real-time monitoring by viewing who is coming in and out of your home in real-time.
  • Your smart lock identifies you through Bluetooth connectivity and unlocks the door as you approach
  • It gives you keyless entry options. For example, you can unlock with your smartphone, remotely or within proximity, or by using voice commands, custom codes, or even fingerprint recognition.

Best Smart Doorbell Uses

How the Smart Doorbell works is that it allows you to communicate with the visitor at the door using the smart doorbell in-built camera and microphone. Usually, they operate with a battery or are wired.

Some smart doorbells are compatible with smart locks and allow you to open the door remotely. All you need to do is connect it to your phone via the smart doorbell app and you will always get a notification when your guest is at the door.

Benefits of Smart Doorbell

  • Get notified when your packages arrive at your door or when you have a visitor (s)
  • Detect break-ins and even gather useful information via the video and motion detectors for law enforcement and homeowners insurance
  • Know who is or has been at your door at all times (even when you are not in)
  • Communicate with the visitors without having to open the door (hence not risking your safety)
  • Integrate with your other compatible smart devices for fast and easy control

Best Smart Security Camera Uses

If security is among your top priorities as a homeowner, then using smart security cameras is inevitable. These are usually connected to the internet in and around your house, so you can monitor the movements and activities on a live feed or even record footage if need be.

Benefits of Smart Security Cameras

  • The remote monitoring feature allows you to monitor your house even when you are not home
  • Watch what is going on in your home in real-time through video surveillance
  • Deterrent to crime and burglary
  • Integrate with your other smart security devices for maximum security

Best Smart Plug Uses

Smart plugs are also called power plugs, wall plugs, electrical connectors, outlets, or sockets. You can fit them between power cords to function as a power switch. They are Wi-Fi enabled and are programmed to control electricity flow to the connected devices.

Benefits of Smart Plugs

  • Save energy and energy bills.
  • Connect to other smart security devices such as alarms, motion detectors, and cameras to harness security
  • Parental controls by limiting screen time for your kids and alerting them when its bed time by controlling their lights, Wi-Fi, and other smart devices
  • Connect to sound system to control music

Best Smart Light Bulb Uses

Smart light bulbs are Wi-Fi-enabled light bulbs that you can customize to your convenience, and control remotely. You can control it via an app and program it to change the output desired. Some smart bulbs are integrated with cameras, speakers, and motion sensors.

Benefits of Smart Light Bulbs

  • Lower energy uses since they use LED bulb
  • They have a longer lifespan
  • Integration of cameras and motion detectors and other smart security devices increases security
  • Easy and fun customizations

Best Smart Light Switch Uses

Unlike traditional light switches that you have to physically and manually turn on and off, you can remotely turn your lights on and off with simple voice commands. And you don’t even need smart light bulbs for this. Just the bulbs connected to these switches.

Benefits of Smart Light Switch

  • The fact that you can control your lights remotely at any time makes them convenient
  • You can integrate it with other smart home automation
  • Cost saving by using it to regulate lights and heat
  • Customize it to create a favorable ambiance. For example, programming it to gradually increase or decrease the brightness of lights as desired

Best Smart Streaming Device Uses

A smart streaming device is used to connect your streaming media such as your home theatre and TV to the internet, so you can stream your favorite shows, movies, and music through an app or smart TV.

  • Makes content streaming easy
  • You can set it up anywhere as long as you have a power outlet and WIFI
  • Phone Compatibility

Best Smart Smoke Detector Uses

Just as the name suggests, smart smoke detectors are programmed to alert you of any dangers caused by smoke or fire. They are connected to the home internet and send you these alerts through an app on your phone.

  • They work remotely so you receive notifications anywhere you are
  • You can connect them to other alarms for maximum security
  • Knows when you are cooking and when there is a real danger

Best Smart Home Security System Uses

A smart home security system is made up of multiple home security devices such as smart security cameras, motion sensors, entry sensors, smoke detectors, glass break sensors, panic buttons, and other devices meant to enhance the security of your home.

Benefits of Smart Home Security System

  • Get real-time security alerts (glass break, smoke/ fire, etc.) anywhere you are
  • Great video surveillance that lets you know all the activities that go on in your house whether you are home or not
  • Control and manage your household appliances and functions from anywhere
  • Cost saving on utility bills
  • They could be fun to use and entertaining