How to turn off MyKey ford without an admin key?

How to turn off MyKey ford without an admin key has been specially analyzed when people have confronted a situation where the Mykey option is somehow enabled. They are stuck up in a loop as the main component is absent and responsible for resolving the situation, that is, the admin key. If the admin key isn’t available or somehow not accessible, the user may suffer difficulty clearing out the MyKey feature. 

Though undoubtedly, MyKey ford consists of meritorious features and outstanding functioning, including certain limits related to speed, enabling of seat belt every time while driving, restriction of any entertainment source, and many more features to promote and encourage safe driving through strict monitoring. 

But still, at times, a driver is bound to remove such limitations, and many of them face a hindrance when the admin key is missing. This problem has concluded that there are two possible ways to turn off the MyKey ford feature without an admin key since assisted with a scan. To know how to read below:

Clearing Of Mykey Ford Feature With Forscan Without The Admin Key 

Reprogramming of PATS

PATS should be reprogrammed by erasing all existing keys and programming two new keys. This method is responsible for the complete elimination of the MyKey feature. Still, it somewhat seems to be a bit critical and substantial as it necessitates using two different working keys of varying quality, accommodated with ATS programming functions (It is accessible in FORScan but cannot be optimized by all models).

Disabling of MyKey option 

Disable the MyKey option that is available in PC and other representatives modules. Though this way can be operated, it will still only eliminate this option partially, not entirely. A few limitations will be removed, such as warnings and other abrupt notifications, but the rest will still apply and persist. 

How To Remove The MyKey Option With Forscan But Without Any Programming

Mykey option is removable. To do so with FORScan for Windows or FORScan Lite for iOS and Android. The following is the precise sequence:

Connect FORScan to the car and start it up without any further delays 

  • Go to Tests->PCM Key On Engine Running On-Demand Self Test and start the PCM KOER test.
  • Keep waiting until the test is finished.
  • If the vehicle has a keyless entry system, remove the keyfob (with the engine start button). When using a conventional blade key, one must disable the transponder to avoid mishaps. For instance, the user may use a foil to wrap the key fob.
  • The user may stop the car and working engine (the ignition should be off)
  • After the previous step, the user needs to turn on the ignition but shouldn’t run the engine. 
  • Select the Clear MyKeys option from the MyKey menu in the instrument cluster and execute it.
  • Now the MyKey option will be cleared out. But keep in mind this method is only workable on gasoline engines; diesel engines have no response to this technique. 

How to Reset a Ford MyKey

Resetting a Ford MyKey option isn’t a time-consuming nor a technical procedure; this can be attempted quickly without any step back. 

  • The user is requested to select the key that needs to be reprogrammed and insert it inside the ignition. If the ford is acquainted with a push-button start feature, the key must penetrate the backup slot. 
  • Now Access the main menu by pressing the left arrow represented on the information display controls and selecting “Settings.”
  • After attempting the previous steps, Select the “MyKey” option from the drop-down menu, then “Create MyKey” given in the pop-up menu.
  • The system will now continue and prompt with a box that says ‘OK,’ and the key in the ignition will be labeled as mykey. 
  • Finally, the mykey will face restrictions while starting up the vehicle till the time Ford Mykey is disabled. 

To alter the limitation settings, vehicle speed minders, Ford MyKey volume limits, or audio system controls, the user should start the car and browse the “MyKey” menu. Now select the feature for which the user is interested in making any changes and making compulsory adjustments.

What if the MyKey Option isn’t Available in the Settings Menu? 

In some exceptional scenarios, it is possible that the Ford MyKey option isn’t available or missing in the settings or main menu. Whether this occurs, check and see if the other spare key is working; check if the choice appears after trying this. 

Still, if the option resumes being disappeared, then indeed, in this case, one must directly contact a technical expert to make it right and check if all the functions are in place and working correctly. 


Removing the MyKey option without admin access wasn’t a huge problem. However, the admin key is a necessary one that should be misplaced or broken, or else one may confront major inconveniences as these steps are not applicable in all the models. Moreover, the admin key makes it uncomplicated for users to view and operate the features. Whereas the absence of the same may result in severe stuck up circumstances that may be irreversible in many cases


Is it possible to utilize a MyKey system on a car that isn’t a Ford?

MyKey is neither equipped nor accessible with other aftermarket remote start systems that aren’t Ford approved. If one is interested in installing this feature, locate a ford authorized dealer with a ford approved and tested remote start system.

To gain more knowledge and the reliable information that involves the usage of  aftermarket systems with MyKey, always refer to the vehicle’s manual

Is it possible to reset MyKey by unplugging the battery? 

Suppose the MyKey system isn’t dependent on the vehicle’s engine, then definitely yes. In that case, unplugging the battery will assist in resetting it, allowing the user to use the key fob once more.