Tineco a10 Dash Review

Known for its innovative, accessible smart home devices for efficient and mess-free home management since its foundation in 1998, Tineco – a trusted Chinese brand, has been making life easy and enjoyable with its excellent products with user-friendly designs and simple utilization. 

Offering maximum utility with affordability, Tineco offers a wide range of vacuums equipped with the latest tech and a myriad of intelligent hair dryers.

Moreover, Tineco solves the problems of fast-paced lives these days as it aims to simplify living by manufacturing more ingenious devices using intelligent technology. 

One such miraculous product by Tineco is the a10 dash cordless vacuum cleaner. Lightweight and rechargeable, the Tineco a10 dash is the product equivalent of ease and simplicity.

Detailed Product Description 

The tineco a10 dash vacuum cleaner is a cordless wonder for those who want each crevice of their space to look fantabulous. The vacuum cleaner has a 0.4L dustbin capacity which is easy to clean. In addition, the product is affordable and offers top quality, along with being lightweight and handy, which makes it easier to clean objects kept at a height. 

The cleaner works best on hard surfaces and low pile carpets and can be easily organized on the wall mount dock. The trigger cleaning mode assists in cleaning minute areas while the continuous mode is used for continuous cleaning. 

The lithium-ion batteries in the tineco a10 dash are rechargeable, and its noiseless working is appreciable. For a better cleaning experience, Tineco also offers a myriad of additional accessories attached to the a10 dash vacuum cleaner. What’s more, the accessories of other tineco models fit into the a10 dash vacuum too. 

Why Choose Tineco a10 Dash?

Here are some features that make Tineco a10 dash the best vacuum cleaner.


The whole point of a vacuum is to clean every nook and corner of your safe haven, but with the help of the cordless feature, you can easily carry the cleaner to the highest aisle of your cupboard or below the sofa sitting on the far side of the room. Besides this, there is no more pain of tangling the wires, and can be placed anywhere and everywhere. 

Light-Weight and Portable 

Nobody wants their arm muscles paining during or after a vacuum cleaning session. Hence, Tineco a10 dash is just 2.87 lbs, ensuring your cleaning is comfortable and effortless. The portable vacuum cleaner body can clean everything placed high or low. According to the real users, it is a massive advantage of the a10 dash vacuum. 

Noise-free Functioning 

In addition, you won’t wake up all grumpy to the voice of the tineco a10 dash vacuum cleaner as shown in films, thanks to its quiet functioning. The product is only 72dB loud, and so you won’t disturb your family or pets’ sound sleep.


Attach some vacuum accessories, and there you go! Go ahead and use the Tineco a10 dash to make the entire room sparkle-from the bedsheet to the carpet and the rocking chair cushions. Click here to check the available attachments. 

Strong Motor 

Tineco a10 dash offers a 300W high motor power that helps you declutter your space and remove the toughest stains on different surfaces through powerful suction. 

4 Stage Filtration System 

A fully covered 4 stage cleaning system is provided by the Tineco a10 dash vacuum cleaner, which helps you get rid of the tiniest of dust or other undesirable substances with utmost ease. Say hello to a spic and span ambiance! 

`The versatile and robust filtration removes 99.7% of allergens and further provides purified and clean air. In addition, a one-empty dustbin removes all the waste without any chaotic process. 

Wide Application 

The product offers various modes, which help you choose how you want to clean different places so that no corner of your beautiful abode remains untidy.

Once the appropriate mode is adjusted, the vacuum can pick up the tiniest dirt particle whether it is present on laminate, linoleum, hardwood, tile, marble, low pile area rugs, and concrete. 

LED Headlights 

Are you not able to see whether the floor beneath your bed needs cleaning? Worry not. Tineco a10 dash has headlights that illuminate the darkest of corners with bright light so you can clean your way through them and be conveniently used at night. 

Wall-mounted Dock 

The dock helps you to save space by holding the vacuum cleaner along the wall. Charging of the vacuum cleaner is also done by this dock. You don’t have to waste your time searching for the vacuum cleaner, courtesy of the wall-mounted dock.

Drawbacks of a10 Dash Vacuum Cleaner 

Unremovable Battery 

The use of the lithium battery in a10 dash is not removable which may be a concern for you considering the fact that some other vacuums do offer a removable battery feature. Hence, once the battery is discharged, you either have to buy a new product or look for a battery replacement. Click here to know how long the product’s battery will last?

Unsatisfactory Battery Life 

The tineco a10 dash works only for 25 minutes after a 3-4 hour charge. This counts as a massive drawback for the cleaner. 

Not Fit For Thicker Carpets 

The tineco vacuum cleaner is not at its best on thick carpets since it skids over the surface and provides a feeling of unease. Therefore, this product is not recommended for deep cleaning thick carpets.

High Maintenance and Faulty Customer Service 

The cost for maintenance for the tineco a10 dash is relatively high, which counts as a deal-breaker for the product since high maintenance costs will compromise the product’s durability. Moreover, the customer service is not up to the mark, which is a severe disadvantage.


The tineco a10 dash is ideal for you if you require an easy-to-handle vacuum cleaner that is within budget and deep cleans with ease.

However, it is not suggested to be brought if you are looking for a cleaner with long battery power or one that can be used on heavy rugs. However, the product’s suitability dramatically depends on the requirements and utilization of the buyer.


What is the battery life of Tineco a10 dash?

Tineco said it gets 25 minutes on low power and 10 minutes on high power.

What is the warranty of the Tineco a10 dash vacuum cleaner? 

The tineco device has a 2-year warranty against product effects and labor. On additionally purchased accessories and battery, you get a 1-year warranty.