surefire x300u a vs b

Surefire x300 Ultra are high output LED Handgun weapon lights that can be docked just on the body of your gun to enhance visibility in the dark. The two models of these weapon lights launched by Surefire are x300 ultra A and B. With the recent launch of the Surefire x300 Ultra B, the masses are in a dilemma regarding how the ‘A’ model is different from the ‘B’ model. If you are one of them, this article is for you. Dive in to know the significant differences between the Surefire x300 Ultra A and B so that you can buy the one that suits your requirements.

Key Difference Between Surefire x300u A and Surefire x300u B:

Although both A and B are the extended versions of Surefire x300 u, the difference between the both is stated below:

Light Output 

The models of x300 A manufactured before 2016 had a light output of 500 lumens, which was later upgraded to 600 lumens when the company commenced the sales of the A model once again after shutting it down for the sales in 2015. In 2018, a revision was made in the light output, which has been boosted to 1000 lumens. The product equips you with extensive peripheral lighting to help you stay aware of your surroundings.

The Surefire x300u B initially offered an output of 600 lumens which was later updated to 1000 lumens for increased efficiency and convenience. You can make your opponent momentarily blind and also identify and acknowledge threats from great distances, thanks to the high-powered light output. The product has an integral ambidextrous momentary and constant-on switching. Hence, you can operate the switch using the toggle without much effort.

Mounting Mechanisms 

The Surefire x300 ultra A uses the Rail Lock Mounting System, a spring-like mechanism, in other words, a spring plate mechanism, that is, a plate with a spring lying below it and a pair of tabs on either side which are to be pulled down and slid onto the gun to attach the x300u A to your handgun, making sure that the attachment is secured to the rail.

It is most appropriate for handguns framed with polymer. The two types of plates-u and p, are available. U plate helps the user attach the product onto guns with universal rails like Glocks. The p plate is for Picatinny rails found in Sig handguns. It has a lever that fits into the Picatinny rail with ease.

The surefire x300u B works with the T- Slot Mounting Rail mechanism, a screw-type, or a thumbscrew mount, which works the best for metal-framed handguns like AR-15 and guns having rail systems of a similar kind.

The x300u B has two wedges for both universal and Picatinny rails. A U marked or P marked wedge can be adjusted to install the light onto the gun, depending on the type of rail found in the handgun. Make sure you use a wedge of the suitable size for a corresponding firearm.

Activation Paddles 

The earlier versions of the Surefire x300 ultra A have a long, narrow structure compared to the new and improved x300 Ultra A, which has a shorter and thicker paddle.

The surefire x300u B comes with shorter and stubbier paddles, different from the older version of the Surefire x300u A.

Well suited Holster 

Some handguns have been designed for the x300 ultra A to fit well, while the x300 Ultra B may not. The 300u A is easier to attach, detach, and fix into multiple guns.

Similarities Between Surefire x300u A and Surefire x300u B

The Surefire x300u A and B have a significant number of similarities. 

  • Both the models offer a 1000-lumen LED light output, which is recoil proof and of supreme quality.
  • Both the lights provide a long runtime of about 1 hour and 15 minutes.
  • The surefire A and B comprise a custom TIR lens that produces far-reaching light and a more giant center spot beam ideal for close to medium range usage. Thus, the beam pattern of the product is ideal for a handgun and a must-have.
  • Both the weapon lights attached to the Universal and Picatinny accessory rails are handy and can be used for various handguns.
  • Constant-on switching for easy activation and utilization. The light can be switched on momentarily or longer using the controls present on both sides of the products.
  • Both the products are waterproof up to 1 meter for 30 minutes, protected by IPX7.
  • For extended durability, the bodies of both the models are manufactured with high-strength aluminum, which is Mil-spec anodized for greater turgidity, making the product weatherproof, corrosion, and scratch-resistant.
  • Both the models adapt to pressure-activated DG(used for one-handed activation) and XT remote switches(for long guns) without modifying the handgun’s grip for precision and good viewing.
  • The manufacturers provide accessory and tape switches for pistols and long guns, making the products extremely versatile.
  • Both models are available in 2 colors- black and tan.


Hence, there are not a lot of differences between the products in question, except for a few crucial ones.

  • The x300u A has a Rail Locking mechanism, while the x300u B has a T-Slot Mounting rail mechanism.
  • The x300u can fit onto different gun bodies, whereas the x300u B is not that versatile comparatively.
  • The x300u A is for polymer-framed guns, whereas the x300u B is for metal-framed guns. 

Both the products have their advantages. While the Surefire x300u A can be slid on and off firearms rapidly and swiftly, it is an excellent choice for those who use a variety of handguns. On the other hand, the Surefire x300u B is more securely attached to your handgun, sturdy and fixed.


  1. Q) Where is the surefire company based?

The Surefire cooperation is based in the United States of America.

  1. Q) Is the Surefire x300u worth the price?

Yes, the surefire x300u does not disappoint. Though it may rattle on a few handguns, it has A-class features, but otherwise an excellent product for the price.