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Are you tired of keeping track of the sites you visit most often? Do you copy their links somewhere and forget at the time of need? And then you have to search hard until you finally find the article you were looking for’ Phew! If you are in the same situation, then the ‘Smart Bookmark’ feature of Mozilla Firefox is meant for you. 

This article will take you on how to use the place:sort=8&maxresults=10/ command for organizing your most visited sites in a Smart Bookmark in Mozilla Firefox.

What is the Smart Bookmark feature?

The initial name of this browser was Phoenix but was changed to Mozilla Firefox on 23 February 2002. Mozilla Firefox is a secure and convenient browser that caters to ever-changing consumer needs. Being a hassle-free browser with an uncomplicated utility, it offers the latest features, and Smart Bookmarks is a significant example of that.

A bookmark is a link to your favorite sites, making it easier for you to reach them. A Bookmarks Toolbar is present by default on top of the Firefox window. Just clicking on the bookmarked link takes you to the desired site. 

Why Should I use place:sort=8&maxresults=10/ For My Benefit?

The most significant advantage of a bookmark is that you can access your favorite sites from anywhere around the world because bookmarks are added on a website and not on the pc, so you cannot lose them too quickly.

Firefox has an organized bookmark system which makes it highly user-friendly. Using the Smart Bookmark feature, you can access recently visited and most visited sites in a matter of seconds. The command “place:sort=8&maxresults=10/” allows you to create an intelligent bookmark that includes your most visited websites and pages.

Getting a hands-on command will create a ‘Most Visited’ folder in the Bookmarks Toolbar, which stores the pages you visit many times. Just enter this command, and voila! You now have a place where your regularly visited sites get automatically saved and, of course, are way easier to access.

Fun Fact

If you want to undo some action in your bookmarks sidebar, you can use the Ctrl+z shortcut!

Let’s break up the command, Shall we?

These words may seem randomly put together but have a deeper meaning assigned to every word. Every command for the smart bookmarks begins with the word ‘Place.’ 

The words sort and max results are called Smart Bookmark Parameters, which yield the desired results once put in the system. You can change the values of the Smart Bookmark Parameters in the command to yield similar results. 

Query type:- This option helps you to filter your search results. QueryType=1 searches for the most visited sites in the bookmarks so you can add them in intelligent bookmarks.

Sort=8:- Sort gives the user the option to choose in what order they want the bookmarks to be arranged. Each value of sort is given to a specific task. In the command being discussed, Sort=8 signifies that the bookmarks will be sorted according to the visit counts(the number of times you visit a specific page) in the descending order of visit count.

maxresults=10:- Max results helps you set the number of results you want to view. That is, if you want the browser to give you your ten most visited sites, then maxresults=10.

How Do I Add The Most Visited Bookmark On Mozilla Firefox?

The following steps will assist you in adding the Most Visited bookmark using the command place:sort=8&maxresults=10/

  1. Open Mozilla Firefox. Go to the Bookmarks menu and click ‘Organize Bookmarks’ (Ctrl+Shift+B).
  2. In the Organize menu in the left corner, click ‘New Bookmark.’
  3. The Add Bookmark dialog box will open. Type the desired name of the bookmark in the name column.
  4. In the Location column, type the command:- place:sort=8&maxresults=10/
  5. Next, click on the ‘Add’ button to add the required bookmark.

You can easily view your Smart Bookmark in the Bookmark Organizer.

Therefore, the Smart Bookmark feature and the place:sort=8&maxresults=10/

comes extremely handy if you do not want to make your bookmark organization a mess. It works like magic and has easy and simple steps of installation.

Concluding Words

Bookmarks are added on the website and not a computer, making them easily accessible.

Use the place:sort=8&maxresults=10/ command to create an intelligent bookmark, and the bookmark will be added that will further save the pages that you often stop by.

This command gives you your ten most visited pages in decreasing order of visit count.

The values in the command can be changed to get various types of results.


  1. Q) How do I organize bookmarks?

You can organize your bookmarks in the Library window. Use the shortcut Ctrl

+Shift+O to open the library window. Here, you can add bookmarks from one folder to another, depending on where you want to view them- in the Firefox sidebar or the bookmarks toolbar.

Q) Where do I find my bookmarks?

You can find your bookmarks either in the bookmarks toolbar, at the top of the Firefox window, or in the Firefox sidebar. You can also access them with the Menu Bar Bookmarks menu if the Menu Bar is enabled.

Q) Which Firefox edition offers the innovative bookmarks feature?

The smart bookmarks feature is available on the Beta version of Firefox 3.

Q) Is there a limit to adding bookmarks in Firefox?

No, there is no such limit after which the bookmarks stop being added.