quad cab vs crew cab

Automobiles such as Quad cab and crew cabs are involved in various pursuits and activities. Their inclusion plays a significant role in towing, trailing, and working purposes, and apparently, one is a commuter. This makes it even more inevitable to recognize the differences to know the two distinct existences completely. 

They are very viable and family indulgent too, in precise both of them are pretty benefitting and of great utility. The choice usually relies on the consumer or the user, both of them initiate their properties, but definitely, one is the ideal one for an individual’s use. 

Difference Between Quad Cab & Crew Cab 

To identify which will accurately fit in and camouflage with the surroundings or purpose of using, read here.

Major Differencing Factors

The nucleus purpose it serves is relatively concerned with traveling and other commercial work such as delivering the heavy loads demanding space and sections; the legroom space is extended till 34.7. The doors of this cab are called suicide doors as the space is very conservative, and also, the other doors are reliable on the first door for the unfastening of the rest. 

In the case of a crew cab, it is well recommended for traveling only as it is designed to provide comfort and accessible legroom space that is 39.4, which heavy loads shouldn’t overshadow. The doors of this cab are certainly the opposite of the quad cabs as they are very spacious, the distance between the back and front doors are pretty sufficient and straightforward opening to the rear of the cabs, they have independent access to each door. 


The mileage of crew cabs is somewhere behind the quad cabs due to many aspects. Its pickup is also lagging in comparison to the quad cab. The bed depth of a Crew Cab PickupPickup is 20 inches which is just a tiny difference from the quad cab and can be overlooked. The exterior of the crew cab cargo is 50.3 cups which is compact and smaller than the quad cab. 

The quad cab provides a better mileage which is fulfilling and accepted by many users. Its pickup is also considered more efficient, which again raises its stake without a doubt. The pickup bed depth of this cab is seen to be 20.1 inches which just conquers a sleek difference compared to the crew cabs. Quad Cab is also available with a cargo volume of 57.5 cups. Ft. on the outside.


As mentioned above, the quad cab is associated with having less weight and lighter formation, so usually, it is lesser in price. It falls in between the crew cab and the regular cab hinge. The pricing of this cab is way lesser than the other. 

Crew cabs are generally priced higher than quad cabs as it facilitates the interior ambiance and services, which are superior to the quad cab. The legroom, armrests, and other unavoidable facilities fill up the needs but empty the pocket. 

Who Should Use Crew Cab?

Crew cabs offer additional internal space in the back seats, allowing for more legroom and comfortable seating. Armrests are available in the back seats of a crew cab. Because the rear doors are more significant than those on a quad cab, it’s easier to transport items when the back seats are used for storage.

Crew cabs are specially designed with affirmative dimension size and very comfortable legroom. The user may witness a compact cargo space but highly intensified interior design. This also states that it is a very efficient option for the migrating families or the families in search of a car acquainted with cargo extent. 

The crew cab is also called ‘A half-ton truck’; this signifies that it has reserved its place in the 1500 series. A half-ton truck, the crew cab was labeled with this name as most of the users were operating it as a substitute for the family truck, which is incredible; many others optimized it in the way of a mini truck. 

However, it is not convincing for the vehicle to carry out loads in the long run and runs in high demand for non-commercial factors.

Who Should Use Quad Cab? 

A quad cab serves as a storing vehicle for many users and as a family truck substitute. Their mileage is slightly inclined upwards as compared to crew cabs as the weight and structure formation are lighter. The cargo capacity is also more accessible in this, and hence it’s a choice for commercial purposes. 

The quad cab itself gives its introduction as the ‘quad’ fitted into it refers to four. The four here symbolize the doors that are accessible to the vehicle. Quad cabs avail the user with an extra row of settling in. 

It can also fit up to six passengers and hold up an extra room for the cargo rooms; it also offers a better and larger hauling space than the crew cab. But the legroom is believed to be that wide or convenient for the user. 

Quad Cabs are generally hired by consumers who are reluctantly involved in commercial ongoing for loading the needed Commodities, and it’s also popularized by the name of an extended version of the pickup because of the long cargo room it has. Also, it seems to have less weight and a lighter structure. The quad cab is also the most recent vehicle of the RAM 1500 series. 

Reached Conclusion 

The cabs are designed commendably, and the dispersion of both the cabs is different and usually fulfills different necessities. Opting for one solely feature relies on the user, if the user is inclined towards more legroom or larger cargo space, a better mileage facility or comfort of uplifting of armrests, a heavy loading space, or an interior ambiance. 

Both the cabs are applauding and hence seem to gather a lot of appreciation. The cabs benefit in their ways, but it depends upon the necessities seen forward to be fulfilled. Hence, the choice depends upon the user, but both cabs excel.