pure talk

Pure Talk is a cellular service that utilizes AT&T’s network covering 99% of the United States but at a lower cost. There are no commitments or hidden costs with this MVNO, i.e. Mobile Virtual Network Operator.

The Pure Talk coverage options are limitless; once you’ve used all your monthly allowance, data speed drops significantly. If you have any queries, you can cancel at any moment or contact the company’s customer care personnel. Before you invest in this service, let’s look below at its reviews. 


The plans of Pure Talk are reasonably priced; for example, unlimited Talk and text with a 2 GB high-speed data allotment cost $10 per month, and limitless Talk and text with 20 GB of high-speed data costs $22.50. It’s worth noting that, despite the lack of data limits, service slows down after you reach your high-speed access limit.

Pure Talk is a good choice for elders due to its low data allowance and cheap pricing. For the first month, it provides a risk-free guarantee, allowing you to test it out and have a refund if you’re not satisfied.


A company called PureTalk offers several plans from $10 per month to over $22.50 per month to customers who sign up for a 4G network plan. They offer some of the cheapest mobile data plans, even beating out competitors. 

Prices are as follows at the time of publication:

$10 per month for 2 GB

$12.50 per month for 4 GB

$15 per month for 6 GB

$17.50 per month for 10 GB

$22.50 per month for 20 GB

Pure Talk also has family plans available. One additional line results in a 10% discount on the total bill; two more lines result in a 20% discount. Existing customers can earn $20 in account credits by introducing new customers to the company’s friend referral program.

Why Choose Pure Talk? 

Offers Plans That Are Within Your Budget

PureTalk USA offers 6 different prepaid data plans, ranging from $20 for one GB of data to $55 for unlimited data. You will enjoy the maximum bang for your buck if you pick a plan in the middle.

Skip the $20 Simply Smarter Plan since you can treble your data for $5 more each month. Similarly, the unlimited plan is unnecessary because you may obtain a better bargain elsewhere.

You Will Not Have to Bear Data Overcharges. 

USA’s PureTalk wireless plans are, in essence, limitless. You won’t be charged anything if you go over your monthly data allowance. Instead, the data would be slowed to a crawl after you reach your data threshold. 

When we say snail’s pace, we mean it: your data rates will drop to 128 Kbps. It would take nearly 2 hrs to buffer a program on Netflix at those speeds.

Yes, you won’t be fined if you go over your data limit, but you’ll notice a significant slowdown in your broadband speed if you do. 

Good Coverage 

You should expect reliable coverage from PureTalk USA because it uses AT&T’s network. AT&T is presently the second-largest network globally, with 4G coverage across 68% of the country. 1 At the moment, Verizon has the finest network, with 70% coverage dependability, and AT&T is really only 2% behind.

What Do Users Don’t Like About This Service? 


All MVNO wireless carriers have the same deal: you receive incredibly inexpensive wireless, but the connection speeds could be throttled back at any time. Let’s pretend you (a PureTalk USA member) and a pal (an AT&T user) are strolling through a crowded mall.

Your bars suddenly drop, and you can’t even send an SMS. On the other hand, your friend has no trouble updating their Instagram account. Don’t you think you and your buddy should have the same internet speeds since PureTalk USA is on AT&T’s network?

You are mistaken. Because USA’s PureTalk is an MVNO. Therefore, its data speeds may be degraded in crowded locations favoring AT&T users. It’s similar to how airlines have that feature where additional passengers can board a plane. 

People in the economy must wait for their zone to be called. MVNOs are cellular services equivalent to budget airlines.

Is Pure Talk a Genuine Company?

Pure Talk is a reputable cell phone service provider that provides no-contract service. Pure Talk may be able to help you save money on your phone bill if you’re seeking a more economical mobile service. It’s probably best for senior persons and others who don’t need a lot of data.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How to initiate Pure Talk cellphone service? 

You can register the Pure Talk account in minutes by going to their website and clicking “Activate Service” or by following the instructions that came with your purchase.

  1. Pure Talk relies on which type of cell tower?

 Pure Talk is part of the AT&T network, which has extensive coverage.

  1. How Pure Talk’s family plan can be beneficial? 

It provides family plans which are unusual among MVNO wireless providers. Bundling plans can save you money, and you won’t have to pay any additional costs.

The Bottom Line

PureTalk USA offers low-cost cellphone plans with good coverage. It isn’t the greatest at anything, but it does an excellent job covering all the bases and providing good value. It offers a variety of data plans from which to pick.

The favorite aspect is that you won’t be charged if you go over your data limit, regardless of which internet plan you choose. Choosing a data plan in the middle gives you the most bang for your buck.