pedal commander reviews

Do you know the most sophisticated throttle response controller available today is Pedal Commander? However, there are several misunderstandings concerning its capabilities, capabilities, and qualities. Pedal Commander may be described as a high-performance throttle response controller.

However, it doesn’t increase the car’s power. It allows you to access the horsepower your automobile currently produces more quickly. Bypassing the actuator, it will give a green signal to your engine to respond in a quick manner That’s not all, though.

You will find yourself capable to modify the gas pedal’s sensitivity as well. As a result, you may fine-tune your car’s acceleration to suit your tastes and style of driving.


So, how exactly does Pedal Commander function? Throttle-by-wire is currently standard in automobiles. You will find no moving parts, and a location sensor controls everything. 

The sensor is part of the acceleration system, and it transmits data regarding the pressure of the foot to the computer. The computer concludes that information and instructs the engine to provide the required vigor. 

Now, that you’ve figured out the things, you should be well familiar with the fact that the Pedal Commander acts as a go-between between the computer and the sensor. 

It effectively informs the computer that you pressed the gas pedal in a different manner than you did by taking the information from the sensor and changing it. Consequently, as per the mode you choose, your car will accelerate quicker while consuming less fuel. 

Modes and Settings

There are four distinct settings to select from in Pedal Commander:

  • Sport + 
  • Eco 
  • City 
  • Sport

Its performance may be adjusted to suit your style of driving. Each of these modes, for example, has different types of 8 sensitivity levels. It won’t be possible for you to program Pedal Commander outside of the parameters set by your vehicle.

Let’s look at how each of these settings affects acceleration to know its performance better.

  1. Sport +

This is the most powerful of the four modes. If you’re not a seasoned driver, don’t mess about it. Before you test it out in traffic, take some time to practice driving with it in a precise location.

Sport+ mode is incredibly sensitive, giving you full engine power at around 30% of the gas pedal depression. As a result, exercise extreme caution when handling it and try to utilize it on the open road initially.

2. Eco Mode 

The Eco mode has the lowest power setting and has 2-watt outputs for your lights, volume control, and other connected devices (like a cell phone charger). You may accelerate smoothly and steadily in Eco mode. It utilizes 1/4th of your engine’s power and distributes it equally during the first half of your gas pedal depressing.

3. City Mode 

City mode takes a unique approach. It’s designed for places where you need to accelerate swiftly to a particular point while maintaining constant power expansion. 

The City mode provides 3-watts of output with all the same features as the Eco mode, plus a 5-watt speaker system that can be used in addition to or instead of the 1-watt speaker on your bike’s handlebars. 

As a result, you’ll get a minimal boost in the initial 10% of the gas pedal depressing in City mode. You will be able to effortlessly move to fast speed once you’ve gotten over that.

4. Sport Mode 

The Pedal Commander’s Sport mode is a little sensitive. It will quickly get you up to full throttle. If we are to be more accurate, you will go full throttle as soon as you achieve 50% pedal depression.

As a result, you should approach Sport mode with caution. I recommend shifting to Eco or City mode if you’re traveling through a heavily crowded region.

Pedal Commander in Action 

The Pedal Commander will switch on as soon as you start your car after completing the setup. It will take 5 minutes to shut down when you switch off the engine.

As I previously said, the Pedal Commander has four distinct functioning modifications. By clicking on the relevant buttons, you may go to all four of them. The buttons are large enough to be easily reached while riding.

The Pedal Commander also includes a Bluetooth app that you may use to operate it. It has good compatibility with both iOS and Android devices. Remember that you shouldn’t use your phone while driving, so use the app only while the car is idle.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Is The Pedal Commander a Good Investment?

So, what about the worth? The Pedal Commander throttle controller isn’t the cheapest modification on the market, but is it worth it?

Here’s what some of the critics have to say:

“I’d been debating it for a year since it’s not inexpensive. It is EXTREMELY VALUE FOR MONEY.

“It’s a pricey choice, but I’m pleased I went with it.”

“With this $300 product, the $30,000 automobile becomes a worthwhile purchase.” You will not be dissatisfied!”

“Is it really worth the money?” In my opinion, it’s worth every penny, and I’m more than a little pleased with it.”

  1. What are the opinions of Pedal Commander reviewers?

The Pedal Commander has received some of the best evaluations of any sophisticated throttle control device. Is it flawless? No way, no how. There is no such thing as the best product. It’s also not for everyone; some individuals would be better off with a totally stock car, and not everyone is a performance fanatic like you.

The Bottom Line 

Pedal Commander allows you to control how sensitive your gas pedal is. Investing in a pedal commander is necessary for those of you who feel that your car takes too long to accelerate.

Even if it comes at a higher cost, you will undoubtedly benefit from being able to experience the full power of your engine finally. 

However, before installing the Pedal Commander, make sure you know how to fasten your car floor mats. Floor mats can be secured to keep them out of the way of the gas pedal. Consequently, you’ll be able to fully appreciate the Pedal Commander’s speedier acceleration.

So, what are your opinions on the subject? Is your car equipped with a Pedal Commander throttle response controller? If that’s the case, what are your favorite and most minor favorite aspects about it? Which setting do you find yourself using the most? How does it compare to the Sprint Booster, in your opinion?