pedal commander problems

Assume you’re driving your vehicle and have encountered a problem with the CEL (Check Engine Light) and signal relaying system in the middle of your journey. You must have explored the internet for the proper answer after having this type of experience.

If you’ve experienced something similar, your vehicle is likely having Pedal Commander issues. Don’t be alarmed; this sort of thing happens all the time.

It is a kind of throttle response controller that adds a good speed moment to your vehicle while enhancing engine reactivity. Dealing with PC or Pedal Commander difficulties may also cause your truck’s CEL to illuminate.

Issues Associated With Pedal Commander 

  1. There has been some criticism that it offers what it claims, but at a high cost. The explanation is this exorbitant price, one can afford to make modifications to the automobile that would add worth, and they offer a valuation of $150 instead of the +$300.
  2. Some users have complained about the entire dashboard glowing up as quickly as the PC is inserted. One client encountered troubles when he installed it, so he uninstalled it, and the system returned to normal. They attempted even after a week, but the problem remained. The PC has an issue that causes the processor to read low oil pressure, causing the car to slow down or go into limp mode. This was an issue that arose over time.
  3. The pedal commander delivers the advertised performance improvement; however, it eventually stalls, causing problems with the vehicle’s electronics. Aside from the automobile being put to standby mode, there has also been a problem with fuel economy. This issue has been the subject of several complaints. 
  4. Again when the PC is removed, a decline in mileage usually disappears. Although there are times when removing it causes the Pedal Commander to have acceleration troubles. In various scenarios, consumers have stated that the PC becomes unresponsive. 

How to Fix Pedal Commander Issues

1. Uninstall the Pedal Commander unit and install it again-

Step 1: Detach the engine cover by removing four screws from the top of the engine compartment. 

Step 2: Remove the two bolts holding the bottom panel of the engine compartment.

Step 3: Pull out the lower panel.

Step 4: Remove the three nuts at the back of the PC unit.

Step 5: Remove the PC unit. 

Step 6: Install the new PC unit, then reconnect the wiring harnesses as they were before.

2. Reset the Check Engine Light and reinstall the PC Unit –

Step 1: Turn off the ignition switch.

Step 2: Disconnect the negative battery cable first.

Step 3: Then disconnect the positive battery cable.

Step 4: Reattach the positive battery cable first.

Step 5: Reconnect the negative battery cable.

Step 6: Turn on the ignition switch.

3. Check the Plugs and Reinstall the PC Unit –

Step 1: Make sure all the electrical connections are tight.

Step 2: Replace the old plug with the new one.

What to do When the Pedal Commander Unit Lights don’t Turn on?

The issue with the pedal commander of not switching on might be caused by the device not being placed correctly. To correct this, follow the steps below:

Remove the key from the ignition. 

Also, remember to take the key out of the truck. Plus, don’t touch anything and wait 10–15 minutes for the ECU to shut down.

Next, locate the connector for the accelerator pedal. Disconnect the gas pedal’s plug. Simply unscrew the male and female links from the plugs and reattach them to the gas pedal. It will produce a ‘Click’ noise during the attachment.

Then, find Pedal Commander and set it somewhere visible. After you’ve placed the key in the ignition, start the truck. Test the PC device by switching modes to check whether it works.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Pedal Commander safe to use?

If you assess your truck’s condition using safety measures, the Pedal Commander is pretty safe. It will not cause any inconvenience or show any indicators of danger. Some individuals believe that employing Pedal Commander will harm your truck’s ECU unit. That, however, is not the case.

There is no risk of hurting the ECU because it would not be directly attached. The only thing it will accomplish is to send a signal from the gas pedal to an Electronic Control Unit.

  1. Is it possible for Pedal Commander to stay active?

When you restart the truck, it will stay on. However, you must set up everything such that it takes no more than 5–6 minutes to switch off everything before starting the engine. The Pedal Commander will not remain on if this is not done.

  1. Does Pedal Commander help in saving fuel? 

Many customers claim that utilizing the Pedal Commander causes your truck to consume more fuel. Switching to Eco mode in the settings of a pedal commander is a simple way to tackle the problem of excessive fuel use. It reduces throttle responsiveness while increasing MPG.

The Bottom Line

Hence, you came up with the answers to resolve Pedal Commander issues, allowing you to correct the faults quickly. Because you don’t require any tools or equipment, the procedure of correcting PC faults should take no more than 10 – 20 minutes.

And if you’re still having problems after trying everything, it might be a separate issue. It’s also possible that the unit of Pedal Commander has to be replaced.

Continue to observe the Pedal Commander and Check Engine Light unit’s behavior to determine whether it needs therapy. Then, if it appears too complicated, get assistance from an expert or try our ways.