olevs watch review

On hearing and reading about quartz dials and leather straps, Olevs watches hit straight into the mind. Originating in Hong Kong, Olevs has been creating waves in the watch industry by delivering products that are affordable, accessible, and chic. Known in the world as a watch brand, Olevs also creates other accessories items. Everything ranging from manufacturing to retailing is organized and verified, making Olevs products high-quality, luxurious, and most comfortable to wear the whole day.

The company’s privacy policy speaks volumes about its goodwill and pure intentions while not forgetting to deliver products of the supreme class. Elevating the graph of watch quality to greater heights, Olevs manufactures and delivers happiness that comes in different sizes, colours, fabrics, and designs. Offering quartz and mechanical watches for both men and women, this brand has been garnering praise from users all over the globe. But does it mean Olevs Watch is worth it?

Why should I Consider Olevs as a Watch Maker Brand?

The Olevs watches shine with glory on the wrists of the successful and affluent people that wear them. 


The long-term ties that the Olevs watches have with its agents, retailers, and customers are based on mutual faith and cooperation. Even after years since its establishment, the sales are skyrocketing every day, which is living proof that the masses still love the watches made by Olevs and have undying faith in the company to provide what is best suited for today’s time.

Uncompromised Quality 

The fine and pristine quality of the Olevs watches keeps them ahead of the other watch brands. The industries and factories manufacturing these watches are equipped with ultra-modern technology and machines that test the quality and efficiency of the products with utmost precision so that a finished and perfect product reaches the consumer. Everything ranging from watch assembling to pressing is carried out by verified units to keep the standard of the time-telling machine soaring high.


The watches offer plenty of features in an economical price range which suits the budget perfectly. Offering similar quality to top-notch brands, and manufactured from the finest materials, Olevs watches offer amazing all-day comfort geared up with all the state-of-art features. 

Warranty Period

The Olevs Watches provides a warranty period of 2 years from the purchase date on its products bought from a registered dealer. The long warranty period is a huge advantage on the part of the buyers. If there is anything wrong with the watch mechanics, the needful is done free of cost. Sometimes, in extreme cases, the company offers free replacement for the product and keeps customer satisfaction as its primary goal. 

Aesthetic and Mind Blowing Designs for all Age groups 

If there is something that this brand does amazingly, that is styling the watch. The watches are sleek and classic, extremely dressy and multipurpose. The best part is that they are lightweight, so there won’t be a burden on your wrist! The watches are a pleasure to wear all the time. Get ready to get some sweet compliments on your way to the store or in the boardroom or restaurant!

How are Olevs Watches Different from Other Brands?

Olevs watches are available and offer completely genuine deals. The organization is consumer-friendly and consumer-conscious. The brand promises and passes all product-related quality checks and assures the buyer of the authenticity and originality of products. 

Moreover, Olevs never sidetracks from abiding by its contract policies and company memoranda. The organization swears by the principle of small profits and more sales, leading to its growing popularity and appreciation in public. The customer service is responsive, accountable, and multilingual- English, Spanish, and Chinese. 

The watches are easily available online, on the company’s online store, and in various showrooms. The shipment is efficient and cautious, so you don’t have to worry about broken goods reaching you. These merits make Olevs an overall leader in providing just the best to its customers.

You can choose between automatic and quartz watches. You also get to pick out steel or leather straps, which come with a screwdriver, for adjustments. The watches are resistant to water to a certain extent and to shock. The watches can be submerged up to 30 meters and continue to function the same as before. With the use of crystals to resist shock material, the company tends to enhance the durability of the product offering value to the last penny. 

What’s more, the Olevs watches have annual calendars and one most striking feature is that some of the quartz watches glow in the dark! From adding modernistic looks to your wrist to helping you to see time with better vision, the Olevs watches offer ease and are manufactured with such fine detail that it leaves the consumer in awe.  

Hear It From The Users 

Bannon, from the United States, says, “The sleek, lightweight and chic design of the watch provides a premium feel on the writs. The watch comes at a very affordable price.” 

“This is a nice watch with a designer strap that can be worn all-day without creating sweating and feeling itchy. I totally love the style!”, says C.A. Clark.


Therefore, there is no doubting the fact that Olevs watches is indeed a stunning brand with guaranteed luxury. The brand is highly recommended for those who want to enjoy grandeur at reasonable prices. Find the watch of your dreams in the astounding range curated by the Olevs Watches If you don’t believe us, click to check it out. 


Q) What are the leather straps of Olevs watches made of?

The cow-hide leather is used for making the leather straps.

Q) What is the dial glass made of?

The Glass used by Olevs is made of hardened mineral crystals.

Q) Does the warranty cover water damage?

Though Olevs quotes a water resistance associated with a certain product, water contact is not suggested since water damage is not under warranty.

Q) Does Olevs produce other goods except for watches?

Yes, Olevs is a manufacturer of eyewear and jewelry as well.