Cowboy Hats for Women Etiquettes

The cowboy hats for women are one of the most iconic fashion accessories. This is why you need to follow the cowboy hat etiquettes. You will be showcasing your fashion statement and paying your respect to the western tradition. Therefore, you should not neglect the cowgirl hat etiquettes.

If you don’t follow the manners, you won’t be able to look for someone who can pull off the fashion statement of the cowboy hats for women. Apart from tipping the hat while greeting someone, there are other essential cowboy hat etiquettes you should know. Continue reading this article to the end.

How Can You Wear the Cowgirl Hats?

Cowboy hats are timeless fashion accessories as well as legends themselves. They are available in the market for decades. Hence, there are some important rules you need to remember if you don’t know how and when to wear women’s cowboy hats.

Can Anybody Choose Cowboy Hats for Women?

Despite your age and skin color, you can always wear cowboy hats. But since rural areas are the most common cowboy hats, city people wear them to showcase a rugged style.

The style you choose for your cowboy hats for women won’t impact the etiquette. Whether you’re wearing the Cattleman Crease women’s cowboy hats or the Gus, the same rules regarding the etiquettes will be applied. As the shapes and styles of most cowgirl hats are similar, you will face no problem following the rule. All the cowgirl hats feature a brim, a crease, and a crown. You need to determine the size of the brim according to the sun protection you want.

Additionally, the size and shape of the brim of both women’s cowboy hats and men’s cowboy hats are almost the same. But they look different as the style is not identical.

Cowgirl Hats and Respects

Respect is something attached to the cowboy hats. There are some specific times when you need to remove the cowgirl hats which will indicate that you’re paying your respect. Remember that the cowboy hats for women bring a certain level of personality and reverence. You will be able to distinguish people who are wearing and following the cowboy hat etiquette from someone who doesn’t know about the rules.

While wearing cowboy hats for women, you need to ensure you’re following the etiquette. For instance, you need to remove your hat while meeting someone for the first time or introducing yourself to them.

You also need to ensure that you’re removing the cowgirl hats by the crown. You also need to pay close attention while storing your cowgirl hats. Remember that cowgirl hats are more than just fashion accessories. This is why you should never touch someone’s hat without asking their permission. When you choose and wear the best cowgirl hats, you can extend your style and personality.

What Colors are Appropriate for the Cowgirl Hats?

Dark colors absorb sunlight whereas the lighter colors reflect it. If you’re planning to wear cowboy hats in hot climate conditions, you need to ensure your cowgirl hats are made of straw materials. Additionally, you also need to choose lighter colors as they will reflect the sunlight.

On the other hand, you can also wear cowboy hats for women during the winter months, but make sure you choose felt as the material. Additionally, the color also needs to be darker. But the color you choose is also dependent on the event you’re attending as well as your preferences.

Keep in mind that dark-colored cowboy hats for women are more relevant at formal events. This is because they will not only help you showcase your personality but you can also stand apart from the crowd.

When You Need to Tip the Cowgirl Hats?

This is an important thing you should know. Tipping your western hat means that you’re paying respect to someone or something. However, as a woman, you don’t need to focus on tipping. This is because men should tip their cowboy hats while introducing themselves to other women. But you don’t need to tip your hat while meeting with other men. But if you’re introducing yourself to other elderly people, you can tip your hat. As per Life Hack, you need to respect your elders.

When Do You Need to Wear and Remove the Cowgirl Hats?

As per the rules, you should wear the cowgirl hats outside and remove them when you’re inside. Despite the weather and time of the year, you won’t face any issues wearing cowboy hats. However, there are some specific factors that you need to take into consideration while wearing and removing cowboy hats.

Here are the common situations when you need to remove the cowboy hats:

  • While praying in a church
  • During the National Anthem
  • While attending indoor weddings or funerals
  • Greeting someone for the first time


These are the new rules you need to remember while wearing cowboy hats for women. Do you want to purchase cowgirl hats that will showcase your western fashion sense? Consider visiting our website.