lg sn7r review

LG is a magnanimous name that has been serving the masses and making ‘Life Good.’ The motto to enrich consumers’ lives with pleasurable experiences through its innovative and helpful products has been the company’s driving force since its establishment in 1985. 

This dynamic company provides you with everything ranging from home utilities like washing machines, vacuum cleaners to entertainment devices such as speakers televisions- you name it, they have got it. And the organization’s aim to serve people and help them lead a better life has only grown higher with each product they launch.

One of LG’s many quality products is the LG sn7r, which was first available on 2 April 2021. But is it worth your hard-earned money? Read on to know.

Why Should I Consider Buying LG sn7r? 

The new LG soundbar sn7r provides the user with Meridian and high-resolution audio quality surround sound with Dolby Atmos.

The product’s easy and straightforward installation process allows the user to hassle-free connect it with various other devices such as tablets, smartphones, or televisions that tend to bring theatre-like audio to your home.

To know more about the specialty of the product, a list of features offered by the soundbar has been listed below:

Meridian Audio

LG collaborated with Meridian Technology to create a product with flawless signal detection and processing and enhanced hardware. Thanks to this partnership, now the world can listen to sounds of immense perfection and quality more than ever before. That is a great reason to select LG sn7r.

Dolby Atmos

Dolby Atmos is a surround sound technology found in LG sn7r. It ensures the sound engulfs the listener. Providing the users with an immersive experience, the clarity of audio in Dolby Atmos is unmatchable. 

High-Resolution Sound

The high-resolution sound offered by LG sn7r makes it tough to distinguish between real and speaker audio. It sounds so original. Hence, using the LG sn7r will be no less than a lifelike sound experience with fantastic depth audio.

LG AI Sound Pro 

This is one of the best features of the LG soundbar. The AI technology of the sn7r adapts to whatever you are watching and adjusts the volume, bass, and other audio settings according to it. So, you will get every score that the referee gives and catch every word that the celebrity says. 

Connection Through HDMI 

The 4K and Dolby vision pass-through prevent you from getting tangled in a mess of cables and assists you by effortlessly passing through HDMI connections from external sources. 

Pairing Made Simple 

The wired rear surround sound speakers of sn7r can be paired with Bluetooth wirelessly with efficiency, thus giving the buyer the comfort they have never felt before. Moreover, the product offers USB playback too.


To maximize user satisfaction with the product, the LG offers a one-year warranty on the sn7r parts and labor. The guarantee on the product includes internal damages and makes it an excellent choice for every user out there. 

What makes LG sn7r a Failure?

Connectivity Issues

Though wireless connections have been introduced to cut the fuss, sometimes the pairing is highly faulty. This leaves the user frustrated since they have to reset the entire system repeatedly to renew the connection.

Missing Additional Accessories 

The shipping service is not very brilliant. In some flawed packages, the additional items provided with the product are absent or damaged beyond repair, thus again leading to a disappointing user experience.

Placement Issues 

Some people having LG TVs usually find it a task to place the soundbar in front of it since the product partially covers the screen due to the low-lying television.

So, you either have to keep the soundbar above or below the television. Another way to place a soundbar is to mount brackets to fix it along a wall.

Detailed Product Description

Along with the LG sn7r, a user finds a 35.04″ x 2.6″ x 4.7″ soundbar, a subwoofer, two rear speakers, and a wireless receiver in the box. The size of the soundbar may be a concern for those wanting to place the product in front of their television since it may partially cover the screen.

But thanks to their lightweight, the rear speakers, and the soundbar can be fixed along a ceiling using mounting brackets. This product is a godsend for the people who host movie nights at home or have an in-home gymnasium.

The high-resolution sound provided by the product makes the room no less than a movie theatre or even a concert venue.

The soundbar speakers are used by Dolby audio, enveloping the entire room with sound. The remote control makes the product accessible from a distance, and the LG soundbar app gives you the controls on the phone. The rear speakers come with a hook which makes them easier to hang.

They are also elevated to a certain angle and have rubber soles to keep them on flat surfaces like tables. The entire system setup has nearly no wires, so there is no chance of tripping.

The product offers wireless Bluetooth pairing, which is fuss-free and uncomplicated. Not to forget that the LG sn7r offers a night mode as well. 


Therefore, the LG sn7r is not an ideal product for those who want to keep it small and avoid pomp and show of sound reverberating in their entire house. While it is best suited for unique movie experiences, the product also has some serious drawbacks. Whether you should invest in the product or not solely depends on the necessity and usage.


Q) What is the LG Soundbar App?

The LG Soundbar App helps you to set up and control the functioning of your LG soundbar. You can change various audio settings and include sound effects on your own accord.

Q) How many speakers does the LG sn7r have?

The LG sn7r is 5.1.2. Surround sound means that there are five speakers in the soundbar, one subwoofer, and two rear speakers. The 2 out of 5 speakers on the soundbar are placed at such an angle that they bounce from the ceiling into your ears, giving you a mesmerizing experience.

Q) How much power does the LG sn7r consume?

500 W power is consumed by the LG sn7r.