is starlink worth it

Elon Musk’s Starlink has evolved from a futuristic concept to a rapidly growing broadband satellite internet company with high speeds and limitless bandwidth. It is presently accessible in 25 countries and has a client base of 250,000 people. Starlink’s popularity and availability are fast-growing, especially with Elon Musk’s recent statement that the service would be available in Ukraine. 

If you reside in a rural or isolated region where landline internet choices such as DSL, cable, or fibre are unavailable, Starlink internet is the best option. According to Elon Musk, Starlink internet is intended to bridge the digital gap in rural and distant locations, not to replace existing metropolitan internet alternatives. 

Starlink is expected to become our next generation of the internet. It will provide faster speeds than current providers and lower prices, especially compared to traditional cable or DSL options. Whether you’re interested in learning more about this revolutionary new internet option or whether you’re a subscriber already, I recommend checking out the full review. 

Ups and Downs 

Starlink internet comes with a load of advantages, including- 


You can get your own standard Starlink subscription for $110 per month with an annual contract.


SpaceX claims 99% uptime on average.


Speeds up to 100 Mbps are available depending on where you live.


Starlink will cover most of the United States.


SpaceX says that Starlink will be able to handle heavy traffic loads without any problems.

It Comes With Unlimited Internet Bandwidth. 

It offers unlimited satellite internet bandwidth and high broadband speeds, which may make a big difference in remote areas.

Lower Latency 

As compared to Viasat and HughesNet, it has lower latency making satellite internet activities like gaming more convenient.

Easy to Install 

It comes with an easy and effortless self-installation technique. This even negates the need for a concerned technician. 

Starlink’s internet has a few flaws that we don’t like. 

Unsatisfactory Speed and Service 

Customers’ expectations for speed and service availability aren’t always realized.

Restricted Availability 

Availability is highly restricted, and service remains patchy and prone to outages.

Enormous Equipment Fee 

The astronomically high up-front equipment charge of $599–$2,500 might cause a hole in the pocket. Therefore, high pricing makes leases from Viasat and HughesNet more affordable.

Where Can You Get This SpaceX Internet?

Starlink internet is now only offered in a few regions around the United States, mostly in northern states. Canada, New Zealand, Denmark, Australia, Austria, United Kingdom, etc., all have Starlink. SpaceX is launching new satellites regularly; thus, its availability is constantly growing. SpaceX has lately encountered issues collecting preorders in Pakistan and India without a license, undoubtedly putting its worldwide coverage plans on hold. 

What is the Best Way to Obtain Starlink?

You may order Starlink internet by going to the Starlink website and submitting an order. You may get your Starlink Kit mailed straight to you within few weeks after Starlink has internet coverage and bandwidth capability in your locality. 

Suppose Starlink isn’t currently available in your location. In that case, you can still make an order and reserve a space on the queue by paying a deposit of up to $500 depending on whether you want ordinary Starlink or Starlink Business. Fill in your address on the Starlink website to find out when you’ll be able to obtain Starlink.


Since it is a self-installation, Starlink installation is free. After you pay the $599–$2,500 equipment charge, a Starlink Kit will be sent to you, which comprises the following items:

Starlink (the round or rectangular dish you’re using)

Router with Wi-Fi and power supply

Cables and Base

Follow the Starlink installation tutorial and download the Starlink app for iOS or Android to get started. The software will assist you in locating a clean view of the sky, which is necessary for your Starlink to function properly. After placing your order, you may go to the Starlink Shop and purchase extra mounting equipment.

Is Starlink a valuable investment for you? 

If you reside in a remote area where satellite internet is your best choice and Starlink is accessible, Starlink internet is for you. Suppose you’re willing to pay an astronomically high equipment cost and wait for SpaceX to finish building out its network. In that case, you can get unlimited data and some of the fastest rural internet speeds available.

Although, given recent events in Ukraine and Russia, utilizing Starlink might expose you to more cyberattacks, as Starlink is the only non-Russian communications system in Ukraine. It’s uncertain if the assaults will have the same impact on US customers as they did in Ukraine.

The Bottom Line 

SpaceX is developing its ambitious plan to provide broadband internet access via satellites. The company has launched some test satellites into orbit, but now they want to launch thousands at once. Are these new plans too good to be true? However, one area where SpaceX’s Starlink presently falls short is availability, which is a significant worry for rural internet users. Starlink uses SpaceX rockets to deploy new satellites regularly in order to expand global availability. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. What is the speed of Starlink’s internet?

Starlink internet claims speeds of 50–200 Mbps; however, consumers may experience lesser speeds due to network difficulties. Starlink Business claims speeds of 150–500 Mbps and more reliable service. However, Starlink Business is significantly more costly.

  1. Does Starlink function well in inclement weather?

Snow, high heat, extreme cold, heavy rain, sleet, and hail are all conditions that Starlink is intended to function in. Although the dish is hydrophobic and capable of melting snow, the warmth may be appealing to cats.