How To Hang Curtain Rods

Hanging some curtains on your windows is not really a luxury. It is something you would do to spice things up in your interiors. Curtains are also important to raise the privacy level of your home. They are essential for blocking sunlight so you can enjoy undisturbed sleep. In fact, the benefits of hanging curtains are literally countless. But everything starts with properly hanging curtain rods.

You might think it is the easiest DIY task you might have, and it is true in part. But it needs accuracy, as you need them to be at the right height. Also, you need to make the rods stable enough to hold the curtains forever. So, if you want to hang your curtain rods properly, read on to get some insight.

How To Properly Hang Your Curtain Rods

To do this task efficiently and quickly, you will need some tools in addition to high-quality rods. You should bring rod brackets, measuring tape, curtain rod finals, and a drill. After bringing these tools, these steps should help you hang the rods properly:

Take Correct Measures

It is not just about the height and width of your window frame. You need to consider other factors when you take the window measurements. For example, you need to determine how far or close the rods should sit from your window. For some people, it is better for the rods to be placed at some distance from the window, as it gives the impression of a taller room. The average should be 4-5 inches above the upper window frame. Some people may even go higher than this average. But keep in mind that the length of the curtains should substitute for such a height.

Another important thing that you should consider when you go for curtain rod installation is the position of the rod brackets. Ideally, the brackets need to be nearly 5 or 6 inches away from the external edge of the frame. This way, you can fully open the curtains to let natural air and light in whenever you feel like it.

If you plan to add drapes as some sort of beauty element, you can add an additional 3 or 4 inches to the measurements of each side of your window frame.

Determine The Style Of Curtain You Are Going To Have

When it comes to choosing the style of curtain, you should select just one for the whole house. It is not good for the overall appearance to have more than one style, especially on the same floor. With the various curtain styles out there, you might feel a bit confused. But going for grommets seems like a pretty popular choice that helps in protecting the curtain fabric against fraying.

You can also find another popular choice in curtain styles, which is rod pocket. In this style, there are no grommets to hold the curtains. There is a fabric header that covers the rod, forming a pocket. This rod slips through the fabric header without the need for clips or grommets.

It is really a matter of taste and preference. You can pick from these two styles or anything else on the market. However, keep in mind that the eventual height of the curtain will vary depending on the curtain style you choose. Subsequently, this will make some changes to the final length and height of the curtain rods.

Make Some Guiding Marks

Making marks on the wall is one of the most vital hanging curtain tips. You can use a non-permanent marker or just a pencil to mark the points where you are going to install the rod brackets. Each mark should indicate the location of the screws you are going to use.

Make Some Holes and Insert The Rod

It is time to get your screwdriver or better yet, your drill to make the holes for placing the rod brackets. Each bracket on each side needs two holes. Make the holes exactly where you are placing the screws that will hold the brackets. Then, tighten the screws as hard as you can using the screwdriver.

Once the brackets or hangers are installed perfectly, it is time for the rod to join. The rod should fit smoothly into the brackets. In case you are second-guessing the level of your newly installed rod, you can ease your doubts by using a carpenter’s level to ensure that your rod is placed on an even level. But generally, there is no need for such doubts. If you took proper measures early on, the rod would have no other way but to fit evenly.

While it is not mandatory in curtain rod installation to drill holes in wall studs, it is not bad to do it. You can opt for a stud finder that can detect wall studs. If you are lucky, you will find a stud near your original measuring or placement points. If you are unable to locate wall studs for any reason, it is preferable to add wall anchors to provide additional support for the rod.

Hang Your Curtains!

If you are done with installing the rods, well, you will have to remove them one last time. You will have to do this so you can insert the curtains onto their rods. Then, install the rods easily on their hangers. Don’t forget to add the rod finals to complete the ultimate look. Now it is about time for you to enjoy this beautiful home addition.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to hanging curtain rods, you don’t have much work or effort. The hardest part would be in taking measures and taking the few extra inches on both window sides into consideration. There won’t be much drilling or screw driving. It is only 4 screws and you will have a stable and even curtain rod. In many cases, you can use the same brackets to install two rods at the same time. Just make sure you have the right hangers for this purpose and the installation process works pretty much the same.