how to change battery in subaru key fob

Subaru comes equipped with smart keys, which are pretty neat. They’re also notorious for having complicated programming languages. How does the whole thing work?

Smart keys allow owners to unlock their doors remotely using an app from Subaru. This means less time sitting in traffic or waiting for someone else to open the car door. Of course, they require a special device called a fob to operate.

Most models come with a USB charger, but if yours has a power button, check out our guide to changing the battery in the Subaru key fob.

With the latest developments in artificial intelligence and robotics, some cars will soon be able to self-drive. Subarus are among them; the company recently unveiled a new concept vehicle called the 2020 Forester. 

In addition, smart keys are being developed to give drivers even more, control over their vehicles. For instance, they can unlock doors, start engines, turn on lights, and remotely adjust climate controls.

You can access your Subaru via a key fob. The ability to use the distance opening function of your fob will be lost if the key’s battery is short or dead. Below, we will discuss how to disassemble your keyfob and change the Subaru key battery.

Simple steps to replace your battery in Subaru Key Fob

Step 1: Plug in the Key Fob

Plug it into its charging port if you have a smart key system. It should automatically recognize the device. You’ll need to download the Subaru Connect app onto your phone before using it.

Step 2: Open the App

Once the app is installed, launch it. The first screen will ask you to set up your account information. After that, you’ll see a list of all the available smart keys. If you don’t own one yet, click “Add New.” Otherwise, select the one you want to program.

Step 3: Select the Function

Now comes the fun part. On the left portion of the screen, you will see a dropdown menu. Choose the function you want to activate. Press the button on the key fob corresponding to the action you want to perform. For example, if you want to lock the doors, choose “Lock” from the dropdown menu. Then, press the button on the keyfob.

Step 4: Confirm

The next step is simple. Just confirm by pressing the button again. That’s it! Now you’re ready to drive away.

Top Reasons to Replace Subaru Key Battery 

There are some common problems with the key batteries that you should consider before purchasing replacement parts. Today I am giving some top five reasons why you should replace your Subarus key battery.

  1. When you have an older model of Subaru, the key battery may not last long. It could start fading out after two years or so.
  2. Some people say that their key batteries don’t work at all. If this happens, then there is no point in buying another one.
  3. There are chances that your key battery may stop working due to overcharging. Overcharging can damage the battery and cause it to fail.
  4. Sometimes, the key battery gets damaged by water. If this happens, you must dry up the battery immediately.
  5. A dead key battery doesn’t provide power to your vehicle. Therefore, it is very essential to check the condition of your key battery.

If you find any of these issues with your key battery, then you need to replace it. Otherwise, you may end up spending an exorbitant amount on repairing your vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When is it time to replace your Subaru remote keyfob?

Suppose your Outback displays a low key battery warning on the dashboard. If the fob’s battery is above four years, the signal strength has deteriorated, or it takes many clicks to open or lock doors, the keyless entry remote battery has to be replaced. With a high possibility, the currently installed battery is dead; nonetheless, if this does not assist, the keyless entry remote must be replaced or repaired.

  1. With a non-working key fob, how do you start your Subaru?

Your Subaru may be started by simply pressing the “Start” button on your key fob. The chip within the key fob is recognized by the car’s computer, which permits the procedure. In this manner, even if the car’s remote battery is dead, you’ll be able to start your car.

  1. Is it feasible to replace the remote battery in a Subaru yourself?

In the 2015 Subaru Outback, replacing the remote key battery is straightforward. The majority of automobile manufacturers consider their customers and create a unique slot for the keyless entry remote to open.

  1. How often should the batteries in keyless entry remotes be replaced?

In current automobiles, the batteries of keyless entry remotes should be replaced every 3-4 years; however, this may vary depending on usage and quality. If the signal strength of your remote key fob has decreased, you should replace the batteries before it stops operating and causes you problems. 

The Bottom Line

Most Subaru cars come equipped with a key fob with a button to start the car or unlock the door. This button uses a rechargeable battery that lasts about two years. If you want to replace the battery, you should be able to take it out and replace it easily.

To replace the battery, you’ll first need to remove the cover from the back of the key fob. Then disconnect the wires and remove the old battery before reinstalling the new battery.