Congratulations on purchasing your new bundle of joy in the name of PlayStation 5, the gaming console of the future if you have not bought it, you can check out the wide assortment of PS5 buying guide options available online. After determining how you want to place your PS5, you should use this Tom’s Guide PS5 to set up your device.

Insert HDMI into the base of the gaming console and into your display device (TV). You then have to connect the power cable to the section labeled AC IN connector located on the rear of the console. After this, plug the power cable into the power source and turn the gaming console on.

New users should use the PS5 controller manual to understand how it works before they can use the same. Connect PS5 controllers to the system and choose the language that you would prefer to continue in. The next step entails connecting the PS5 to the Wi-Fi for later online settings that you have to handle. You will also be asked to adjust the screen brightness and display settings to your preference before you start after accepting the user agreement.

To connect your PS5 to the internet, go to settings, and then network where you find settings on how to set up your internet connection using the network security information that is your Wi-Fi.

Most professional gamers choose to enable automatic updates of their PS5 to avoid the time-wasting and stress that comes with waiting for the gaming console to update. This allows you to enjoy the best gaming settings and also provides your console with the recommended security patches to keep it secure.

Since it is also a power-hungry device, you can customize the power-saving settings to allow it to go to sleep when it is not being used. You just have to be familiar with the customization settings on the main section settings when you check the power-saving options.

How To Setup PS5 Stand

There are many people who have a hard time deciding how to place their PS5 once the delivery has been made. Its large size does not make it any easier for it to fit easily into limited space. You can, however, choose to install it vertically or horizontally. There are screws you have to retrieve from your PS5 to use for the attachment process. The screws are located in a small compartment behind the PS5 console. There are instructions on how to set up the PS5 stand depending on whether you want it placed horizontally or vertically.

Connect PS5 to PSN

If you are using your PS5 for the first time, the software will be updated when you finish signing up with the gaming console. You can either reuse previous account details from your PS4 or choose to create a new PlayStation account with the PS5. You can also sign in to your PS5 when you have the PlayStation App on your phone.

To access the PS5 console user’s guide on your device, go to the setting section. Here you will find different sub-categories, for instance, user’s guide, health, and safety. Choose the PS5 user guide and proceed to learn whatever you need from the same. The user guide can be of the essence, for instance, introducing you to the settings and console functions that you should be familiar with.

How To Download And Play Fortnite On Your PS5

Like most gaming console games, you may be wondering how to get Fortnite on PS5 once connected to the internet. Press the triangle button on the home screen using your gaming pad and press X to start making your search. Type the search space Fortnite and press R2 to commence the search. From the search results, you will find the right game option to download and install on your PS5. You will, however, have to link your gaming console to your PlayStation Account before you can link the epic account.

How Do I Set Up VR For My PS5?

You are definitely on the right page if you are wondering how to set up VR on PS5. The PSVR is a virtual reality system that has been proven to be compatible with both PS4 and PS5 systems. The PlayStation VR set will come with a headset, an inline remote, connecting cables, a PlayStation camera, and an external processor unit. You also have to fill out a special PlayStation support form on their official website to get access to a special adapter that will help connect your PS5 to your VR. Remember the adapter cannot be easily found in stores online or near you, but you can check it with authorized PS5 dealers.

Who Qualifies For Camera Adapter From PlayStation?

Online gaming calls for a lot of details including proper VR sets and camera adapters. Anyone who owns a PlayStation VR headset, therefore, qualifies to get a PlayStation Camera Adaptor. The only restriction is to have one for each household as the company dictates. The product has a 12-month warranty from the delivery date indicated in the purchase details.

To connect the PlayStation camera to the PS5, you need to use USB type-A and then insert it at the back of your console. Remember how to set up the camera PS5 camera; the adaptor cannot work with the PS4 gaming console therefore restricted for PS5 use. You then need to connect the PlayStation Camera to the Aux port at the rear of your PS5 to get it working.

Astro’s Playroom Platinum

Astro’s playroom is definitely one of the main features that people want to enjoy after purchasing their new PS5 consoles. There are trophies in Astro’s playroom that you can unlock as you play the different levels in the section. You can play the levels you prefer recurrent, thanks to the level select option and most players manage to unlock Astro’s Playroom platinum trophy options. You can manage to get this done within 7 hours, although you should target to experience all levels by playing them as you grab the collectibles at different levels. Astro’s playroom has a total of 43 trophies and you can understand the room better by attempting to play each level on your own as you uncover the hidden gems and merits of pushing up the levels higher through the game.