One must get stuck in the loop when it comes to choosing PS vita versions. No doubt, one can never go wrong with any version of the PS Vita, but there are significant differences between the two models:  PS Vita 1000 and 2000. 

In the end, one might conclude that none of them is superior or inferior. It just attracts different audiences with similar interests. To help you identify your interest and matter of choices,  read the article till the end and find the best version yourself. 

Overview: PS Vita Slim

PS Vita 2000 has seemingly created a hustle in the market with its unmatchable competition, enhancing its updates and broadening the range of features. With all the excellent characteristics, one can blindly pick it. 

The pros of models such as battery life and memory installation have already been very favorable for attracting audiences’ responses. It was somewhere demanded by the users, and hence their anticipations were matched up. 

Additionally, the memory installation is an update that has undoubtedly gained affirmative responses from the audience. Moreover, the battery life has been exceeded in this version, i.e., 1 hour has been added up to its life. 

Not limited to this, the console comes in several different colors, which adds up a good variety of options such as white, light blue, black, pink, lime green, and khaki. Most of them are Japan-exclusive, but since the console is region-free, a Vita from any country is fair game. Therefore, the price rise is somewhere reflected in the product itself.

On the contrary, LCD is a mood spoiler; OLED has created a solid fan base that is non-negotiable with any feature as the users rely on real-life experience display. Still, LCD also goes along for the users tilted towards features. However, it’s not the end yet; all new updates can be balanced out with some additions in the original vita. 

Overview: Original PS Vita

This version has less rush but more stuff. Indeed it lacks some features, but these tiny setbacks can be ignorable to experience the originality. But what’s favoring the Original PS Vita?

Firstly, it’s an inevitable OLED display. The users say that the game comes out as if we are embedded inside the Delusional world. The real-life experiences displayed are created for the utmost quality and to maximize customer satisfaction. However, even the OLED degrades with time and consumption. 

Although the original vita is lacking in appearance, bulky, and even heavier, this relatively can’t be overlooked. Not only this, the charging is supported by a Proprietary port, that’s disappointing. 

Why Are Both Considered Different?

To understand the variance between the versions, one must segregate each parameter and keep the characteristics into their mind:


The LCD ( liquid crystal display), used in PS vita 200 display, causes diminishing quality, which stands out to be negative. It happens as LCD is neither famous nor applicable in this base of representation. It has local dimming, where parts of the screen can dim independently of others.

On the other hand, Original vita is available with an OLED display that covers all the users’ expectations. It is specifically designed for this purpose hence provides the most admirable quality. It also consists of turning off individual pixels completely, producing perfectly exquisite quality, and allowing users to experience a premium feel. 

In short, Ps vita 2000 is accompanied by an LCD, which is not up to the mark if we compare it with the original vita OLED display. 

Charging Access

Pls, vita 2000 has already won without opposing micro USB port switches with the proprietary one on the previous model. This gives easy access and engages the appearance. 

Whereas the original vita is still left hanging with a Proprietary charging port which is unsupported by users and makes the appearance bulkier, It’s something that seeks fixation but isn’t treated yet, nor a user can fix it. 


Ps vita 2000 is very slim hence very handy for users, and even carrying this version is more straightforward as it doesn’t look out for spacious compartments for carriage. 

Original vita is again lagging in this parameter. The appearance gradually and eventually had no fixes or way-outs. The user needs to settle with a slightly out fashioned outlook. 


Ps vita 2000 is accompanying one GB additional memory for the users. Any user can never refuse this update. However, it has indeed set up a false hustle.

Original vita, on the other hand, can be stored up with a memory card if a user needs it. But no additional memory is provided in this version for any use.

Battery Life 

Ps vita 2000 has initiated an extension in battery life of 1 hour, needed yet can be ignored. It depends upon the usage of the user. It was previously 5 hours, and now it has reached up to 6 hours. 

Original vita stays on the same battery line for 5 hours. Still, audiences aren’t driven by the 1-hour extension yet; it hardly makes a difference, so here both lie on the same page. 

To sum it up, refer to the table below:


Feature  PS VITA 1000 PS VITA 2000
Display  OLED display LCD display 
Charging Access  Proprietary  microUSB 
Memory  Absence of Internal Memory 1GB Internal Memory
Battery Life Can hold up to 5 hours battery life. Can hold up to 6 hours of battery life
Appearance  Bulkier and heavier Model  Slimmer, Interactive and Aesthetic Looks

How to Make Your Original PS Vita as a PS Vita Slim?

If one plans to add up content, then the memory card can also be easily accessible in the original version. Other than that, only 1-hour battery extension is somewhere ignorable. What’s not avoidable is that charging switch.

Overall Analysis 

The choice lies up to personal preference; in this case, if a user’s interests lie in real-life experience, then OLED is undeniably the first preference. Bounded by features and enticed by the certified perks, then without question, select The Slim (2000). 

Last but not least, the choice depends upon the user’s basic needs; if the quality is indeed a specification, then without a second thought, choose the original vita, but if features are weighing more than hand for Ps vita, slim.